Branding GeoGrain’s products under your company logo and color scheme is quick and easy. You can choose to provide a standalone product or integrate our tools directly into your existing platforms and applications. Our products have been developed to enable compatibility with Excel, software or web based applications.

The GeoGrain Standard Optimizer is the most powerful cash marketing tool available to farmers with one goal--to find farmers additional money. Users can quickly navigate through cash grain prices and basis levels to find the precise answer they are looking for. Not only does it cross-reference shipping costs (calculated according to driving miles) with every bid in the area, it also accounts for storage costs, which allows you to find the best time and place to set a contract. Market prices can easily be sorted by net returns or by distance from the farm. When market opportunities are spotted, the user can easily view the buyer’s contact information and start negotiating a grain sale.

Key features of the Standard Optimizer tools
  • Identifies the best local markets based on prices, storage and trucking costs
  • Bid data available within a 200-mile radius of farm locations
  • Data can be filtered by commodity, hauling rate, and storage rate
  • Results can be displayed by net returns or by driving distance from the farm
  • View spot bids and forward contract prices up to 12 months out
  • Charting and mapping of local spot and forward basis
  • Net returns over trucking costs are generally 10 to 20 cents a bushel

The GeoGrain Standard Optimizer also includes a powerful web-based record keeping system, My Grain Trades. This tool helps farmers make more profitable and timely grain marketing decisions. Aggregate crop production, marketing transactions, crop insurance values, and government payments into one single crop value updated daily as market prices change.

Key features of the My Grain Trades tool
  • Quickly monitor the value of your unsold grain as it is updated daily to the nearest cash market prices
  • Easily track open futures and options trades as they are updated to current futures market values throughout the day
  • Enter a profit goal and monitor your progress toward achieving it
  • Record transactions for cash sales, futures, options, crop insurance, government payments, and LDPs with ease
  • View account summary and transaction reports
  • Store previous years’ crop records for comparison and analysis
Benefits of the Corporate Branded Standard Optimizer
  • Improve your clients profitability by providing precise cash market information
  • Strengthen your client-business relationships by becoming a resource with powerfulmarketing tools

The Standard Optimizer, which includes My Grain Trades, helps improve business decisions. If you actively manage multiple farms, this tool consistently provides information that can improve your management decisions. Become a vital resource for your clients and provide a higher level of service by monitoring marketing progress by net return, any open cash, futures or options transactions and identifying opportunities that might have gone unnoticed. Enhance your understanding of each farm's marketing positions as information is continuously updated and delivered in an easy and intuitive format.

If your organization actively manages multiple farms, The Standard Optimizer is a perfect way to improve your management decisions. Each farm’s information can be aggregated to improve cash market decisions and provide more comprehensive management services. Monitor each farm individually or compile information cumulatively for multiple locations. Administrators can view marketing progress, unsold crops, optimum selling locations ordered by net return and any open cash, futures or options transactions. Map each farm, aggregate sale opportunities, set price, basis or futures alerts for individual cash markets and much more. We deliver detailed information enhancing administrative understanding of each farm's marketing position. All information is continuously updated and delivered in an easy and intuitive format as market prices change.

Customized Innovation Example

By integrating an Excel-based cost of production module, the Optimizer and My Grain Trades record keeping into a single web-based platform, a Midwest bank has created a customized product that aggregates detailed information into a clear, usable format helping to improve their farm client’s decisions.

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